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What's In The New Danny Iny's Book For You?

Is a lifelong learning engaging attitude important?. It has been the pillar supported on “Wisdom, Knowledge & Science”. The trilogy that has been the secret weapon of most successful persons since the ancient times…

So it’s a moment to pay attention because what you’ll read here may be the gateway to your new you. Making possible for you the personal transformation that has been so elusive until now. Now is the time to persist and pursue your cherished dreams oriented by your own compass.

If money worries and struggles are part of your life. You're not alone in your quest to get rid of the same pains that surround the daily life of many persons like you and me.


What's Been Your Vision About A Lifelong Learning Attitude...Did You Self Defeat Yourself?

Your personal battle is the battle of thousands struggling to jump the hurdles and reach the finish line. But it was up to now... Because it doesn't have to continue that way.

At this moment, it is the right time for you to make a short and temporary stop. And quietly reflect on what has pushed thousands, like you and me over the clift border...Are you ready? Have you somehow self defeated your success? what is your present attitude toward lifelong learning?

It's a time for a bold act of personal rebellion. A personal declaration. Making it very clear in your mind and heart. That the sequence of events and actions that conducted you to the struggles you're facing now has lost their power. You have regained your vision and clarity to continue persistently toward your big goals and dreams.

Lifelong Learning Attitude Values Wisdom. Not Matters Where It Comes From! 


Siren. Siren, in Greek mythology, a creature half bird and half woman who lured sailors to destruction by the sweetness of her song. According to Homer there were two Sirens on an island in the western sea between Aeaea and the rocks of Scylla.

But let me bring in some ancient stories...

Warning: Let's not start by pointing fingers. Or beating yourself up for mistakes done in the past. Learn from them and keep going.

Let's accept our participation in thought processes that have weaken our strength. And made us easy victims of the syren songs. I bet, you know... what the sirens songs meant for the ancient times seamen. The consequences and how they ended up. After they went after the sirens mesmerized by their songs.

Now let's think for a moment, about what was the lesson behind the story of the sirens songs. As you can imagine most probably during those times, the story was a reality in the men's mind that went to the sea everyday in their life to do their work.

Nowadays, there is no fear of the sirens songs. But yet, of some new sirens songs so modern and sophisticated. That you don't realize when you fall victim of its enchant.

Street Wisdom Sometimes Is Distorted...Ignore It At Your Own Peril.

Fortunately, the wisdom of the ages start dawning on the new generations of sea adventurers who understood the powerful lessons behind that story.

They understood the perils of going after unfounded theories or popular advices that not stand the lightest test or scrutiny.

And now coming back to our times. We can refer or remind many unfounded advices that were born of studies or research by serious organizations.

However, they were seriously distorted in the process of communicating the concept to the masses.

Let me explain what I mean by recalling the high impact on the learning processes caused by media news articles publishing on the benefits of visualization and engagement techniques.

But the main take on of the popular message was that memorization was no necessary any more. Given our instant gratification bias. It's not difficult to imagine the impact on thousands of students that believed they did not have to memorize anything for the tests.

Likewise, there's a kind of message making people to believe that a formal education is not longer necessary. That just the hard knocks school is the only thing you need.

The Tough Reality Faced By The New Student Generations Can Mislead You Into Believing That Formal Education Has Failed. Surely, There's A Crude Reality That Can Not Be Hidden...But There Will be A Solution...  

In my opinion like a world citizen...there have been always special kind of persons that are blessed with virtues and capabilities that are beyond typical common people.

Don't misunderstand me. You can improve and shine in many areas as you want. But you have to paid the price. If you want to have nice 6 pack abs you have to go to the GYM.

Or... like some few others go to the surgeon for instant gratification and success with the hot babes.

So What Can You Do? A Lifelong Learning Attitude Is Vital But Not A Magic Wand.

So what You can do to retake the command of your life and revisit your footprints to see where you have deviated or unfocus. Jumping into many biz opportunities without having a plan.

You Started your journey without a system to keep you accountable over the transformation quest you want in your life ?

Have you ever paid attention to the importance of the Lifelong Learning process in your life?

Does the sirens songs distracted you from your lifelong learning  objectives and make you hop from shiny object to the next?

Talk to you soon,
Carmelo Humphrey

P.S: By the way, for transparency reason I have to say that I don't receive any commission for talking about Danny's Iny book and recommending my friends and list member to read it You  can read it free online. And if you're like me... You'll buy the hard copy when it hits the market later on...Remember that lifelong learning never ends...

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