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The Witch That Scared Me To Death...And I Pissed My Pants...

The Witch that Scared Me To Death...This
is one of my secret stories... One that
I have shared in very few occassions.
Because, yet I feel embarrased to share it.

When I was around 7-8  years old boy, my
family was going through difficult times.

At home, We were 5, two girls and three
boys...But the last one was a babe...which
was fed every 4 hours...


Even Though Things Went Sour...Home Was A Happy Place...

My father was far from home looking for a
job...and my mom was a home mom.

So, there I was. Trying to make a bit of
money. By selling to people the bets for
the weekend's horse races

A popular entertaiment for low income's
people. And a way to make a few bucks.

Counting Chicken Before Hatching...Bad Business.

It wasn't too much but somehow it could
help a bit to buy milk for my brother.

But I was not an expert. And, I didn't know
the tricks of the business. To select
correctly the horse races. And, make the
"DUPLETA" more profitable.

Hopes... Vanished As Thing Air

Therefore, after selling the five or more
"matches": With the best chances to win.

There were not people interested in buying
more "matches" in my dupleta.

All the hopes of making some money and
helping my mother with the milk for my
brother just dissappeared...They were Gone.

Learning The Hard Way...About The Dark Side...

So, although I was a boy that had a sense
of evil and good. I fell to the temptation of
double selling some of the matches that
had the more chances to win...

And one of those "matches" was the one I
had sold to a woman that eveerybody in
hometown said she was a WITCH.

I didn't know how close I was to a nightmare
caused by the Witch that scared me to death...  

Gossip In Town Was True To Me...In My Mind She Had Power To Cause Harm To People...

They said, she practice black magic and
had made deals with the devil.

Can you imagine for a second...the mind of
a 8-9 years old boy...processing all these
ugly and tetric things about witchery...

As per the gossips rolling in town, She could bring heavy
curses on your live.

But things were rolling...for the worst!
And then, It dawn on me as a heavy thing...
I had made a big mistake. I was in the hands
of the WITCH. It scared me to death.

​I was frighten...

At the moment the horse gates were
opened and the horse races started! The
worse happened! When I saw that the
witch's ticket was the winner...

My Fear Made Me See Her Taller Than She Really Was...

Candida was her name.  A tall brunette

She used to dress colorful flower dresses
and a big hat to cover her from the hot
sun. I still have her vivid image, when
everyday she usually walked down the hill
from her home and pass in front of my
family home.

I entered in total panic. My heart was like
a wild horse. It scared me to death.

My mind went wild. While I was thinking
about all the the curses that WITCH will
throw on me...

What could I tell her to calm
the fury of the witch who wanted her

What Was Worse? Facing The Witch That Scared Me To Death or The Reprimend and Punishment From My Father.

On top of that, in my mind there was a BIG
torment approaching with dark clouds...
the big reprimend from my mother and the
punishment from my father...

I was seriously, thinking to move to my
grandmother house...I was her favorite
grand children...

But, even before I could ran to the hills
to hide. There she was CANDIDA coming
down the hills.

I frozen up... and pissed on my short pants...
Speachless...She scared me to death. Terrified.

Scared To Death...Frozen Up And Pissed Pants...

I stay without moving while she kept
walking toward me...As she was closer... at
any time I was expecting her mouth open
and throw the big conjure...and fury on me

But, nothing happened. She passed by me
with a big smile.

Sometimes, I think She said to me with her
big smile. You have had enough little

Don't do it again.

You don't owe me anything...You already
paid with your own excruciating pain and
fear in your own heart and mind.

Greatful To All My Teachers, School Director, Grandmother, Mom...And Many Other That Took Care Of Little Boys In The Village...

Many...many years later. Meditating on this
experiential event in my life...I'm greatful
for the love I receive from my primary
school teachers and director...

They went the extra mile to help me and a
group of students to prepare us further in
Math, Grammar, Science...

My grandmother was an special woman
with character and a great personality...

She knew how to live and share in
community but at the same time she could
identify quickly and easily what was not
good or convenient for her family.

My mom...was an smart woman with an
special natural intellengence to deal with
life events...

Experiences Help You Sharpen and Hone Your Tools To Serve Others And Give Them Oportuned Solutions.

I'm greatful that I can share with you all
these experiences.

Experiences, that help you sharpen and
hone your tools to serve others and give
solutions to their problems.

Deeper solutions that cause and bring true
transformation into the lives of your

Maybe, transformations that even your
audience never thought possible they could
enjoy the moment in their own lives.

Like for example obtain the freedom that
allows them live as they want whenever
and wherever they want.

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