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How to teach what you know and grow rich…

The opportunity that lies ahead for all persons helping others to find Solutions to their Problems and Needs.

Are you ready to exploit the opportunity created by the aging of the worldwide workforce who are approaching or close to their retirement age?

How to teach what you know and grow rich is the great opportunity for all those whose priority is taking care and provide solutions to the problems and needs of many people around the world affected by the aging crisis and proximity of their retirement.

Aging of the workforce, in the opinion of experts, is a threat to the productivity of companies both in the US and worldwide.
But that is not all what there’s more to it…

 The high levels of turnover that may result from workforce aging could cause short-term as well as permanent loss of knowledge critical to firm operations
MJ Ashworth – The International Journal of Human Resource …, 2006 – Taylor & Francis
 You are about to start one of the most rewarding journeys of your life. A journey to learn how to create your ideal life fulfilled with freedom, success, wealth and impact. And the best way to do that is learning how to teach what you know.

And produce the sort of impact anyone wants to cause on both yours and others lives. Altogether, besides being able to create a legacy. A legacy that transcends our life and keeps helping other to live better lives after we are gone.

However, just before you start THE JOURNEY let me start by asking you a question.

Do You Know The Secret Code

Do you know the secret code to your personal and UNIQUE treasure vault? Well, if you do not know, then keep reading and…you will find out. It is not what you think

If you are as many of us, you are likely, a walking person in a state of angst packed up to your hairs and eyeballs with data, experiences, and stories in your mind, heart, and soul

In many cases, just a lonely person living within a multitude

Pulling a heavy burden around without any purpose, but spiking feelings of anguish, frustration, and their lives

These angst feelings spur in you, the real or fake ghosts. The ghosts that make you cry, weep, anger love and laugh.

Are you intrigued? Asking, how could these persons, walking in despair, maintain their sanity in spite of the spiritual conflicts eating their hearts and souls?

Teach What You Know And Grow Rich Helping Other Transforming Their Lives A Reaching New Levels Of Achievements

I am sure you ask yourself, Carmelo is this the case for everyone walking the streets? Maybe not, however, a majority does not know what to do with their lives and if that state of angst is augmented by concerns about work stability, you would have an explosive cocktail for many persons.

Find Out The Gathering Places of Your Audience.

You could have a better idea if you participate in social media channels where people connect with each other at personal level

Although, we know that social media channels are not a perfect tool to judge this sad matter. However, they can give you some hints

However, what is most shocking, about the situation, is the loneliness, struggles, not knowing where to go.

Likewise, the confusion reflected by these lonely persons when making contact talk or write through the social media channels. And there is when you realize the need for help of many people…and there again the opportunity to share or teach what you know. 

If you are there close to them, you hear A BIG and LOUD scream in the air and in your heart

By the way, it is time for a story. A story as vivid in my mind as the day it occurred many years ago in one of the seminars on personal development. I used to attend as part of my training in the Oil & Gas Company I worked for nearly 50 years

A psychologist from the human resources group conducted the training

The training purpose was to teach a group of employees during a week away from the company offices how to deal with work’s conflicts

You Know Much More Than What You Think. Be Prepared To Teach Others

To make the story short. The course conductor started the first session asking the course participants to introduce themselves. Followed by outlining the activities for the rest of the week

Let me briefly; tell you that the course was tough. Especially the sessions enduring, in mute mode, the viewpoints of each participant about your performance during the teamwork sessions

Besides, participants had to deal with the stress spikes produced by the training activities designed for that specific purpose

Mind you, that to fire up the angst only required a few teamwork sessions. The stress builds up fast and ferret out the personal flaws

Flaws, in their worst face, showed up forced by the unbearable pressure build-up generated by the teamwork sessions

The forced manifestation of the human being flaws creates the adequate scenario for the worst interactions that you can imagine

Be Ready You Can Be The Hero Helping Others Included Person of Higher Education Levels Than Yours.

Let me tell you how it happened. To the surprise of the attendees, the least suspected; an apparent peaceful person, who started fresh the first day exploded in a burst of anger

During 4 days of the course, this person listened directly from the mouth of the trainer; “You looked and resembled a steam boiler accumulating pressure ready to explode”

This person truly suffered an explosion of anger. The worst I can remember in my life

Well, this peaceful and quiet person, on the last day of the course suffered a severe anger attack. It looked like a diabolic transformation. The peaceful person appearance disappeared in just seconds

He discharged all his anger on one woman that apparently had initiated a relationship with one of the participant

Jesus Christ, in a matter of seconds the whole thing shattered to pieces. Yelling, screams, insults, curses, foul language. All participants deeply affected by what was going on

The free for all, in which they were involved without knowing how to react or what to do to harness the whole thing and bring back the calm…

In A Few Seconds, The Whole Thing Changed.

In a few seconds, the whole thing escaped the control of the human resources training leader

All the attendees in a state of frustration and pain reacted against the course trainer. The trainer plummeted. He looked completely disoriented

At that moment, his face was the pathetic image of defeat and desperation not knowing what to do or say

In that very moment, pushed by the force of the events occurring in front of us, and inspired by the training and knowledge given to us on previous occasions

Without thinking it twice, we jumped into the ring to offer help…

Two other persons and I decided to take control of the situation. We led the closing of the last session the best we could

Restoring the self-esteem and overcoming the frustration of those that felt most affected

Let me add an inside that many years later, came to my mind

If the trainer would have kept, the control of the situation, and restore the calm of the group of participants He would have looked like a rock star and hero. An authority instead of a villain

Thank God, this experience brought to me a state of mind of true fulfillment

In any occasion, be ready to teach what you know…

I felt an exhilarated mind state. The only one that remained for the rest of the weekend in the hotel. Enjoying and having a good time before going home.

Everybody else just rushed to leave that story behind

Today many years later I bring that story to you. As something that allows me sharing with you the experience and what I learned from that stressing but unforgettable growth experience in my life

You can stay calm on your feet, and help others in the worse moments of their lives and afterward enjoy the nicest feeling of fulfillment in your heart and soul once the peace returns to you…

How To Teach What You Know

Helping Others To Reach The Next Level

You are in charge. Steering the wheel of your life…your sailing ship.

Learning How To Teach What You Know is the best thing you can do at any time to help others in their journey to the next level…

By sharing the story of the training course that went crazy and totally out of control…I also share with you, the feeling of joy generated by helping others in moments of despair, frustration, and defeat in their lives

I will paraphrase words of Sean Platt. Author and Course Creator

“It is a fantastic experience to teach what you know and even more a wonderful business model for those who have people best interest at heart and have the follow through to help them to fully execute their ambitions.”

How To Teach Others

Teaching Other To Face New Challenges

 I expect that by now you can foresee in your mind the success, wealth, and transformation power that lies hidden in what you know and learn every day of your life. The transformation that will change yours and other’s lives

The following extract can help you understand what I mean said by an authority in the field of teaching…

The Interest In Online Course Is Growing

As you can see, the interest in online courses has remained steady since 2015, except for one thing: more people are in the process of building their online course in 2016 (36%) than in 2015 (20%).

No surprise then that fewer people are still thinking about it in 2016 (42%) than in 2015 (56%).

Which makes perfect sense, if you think about it since the respondents are part of Mirasee’s audience.

All this is consistent with what Danny Iny, Mirasee founder, and CEO, says in his book, Teach and Grow Rich.

 Online course creation is one way to:

(1) Make a meaningful impact on the people you want to serve.

(2) Achieve your income goals.

(3) Have the lifestyle freedom you would not otherwise enjoy in a traditional job or even a brick-and-mortar business.

The power that lies hidden when you share and teach what you know. THE POWER waiting to release and transform into reality the dreams locked in your personal treasure vault. You are the only one with VIP access to that special place

Teach Others What You Know

Teach Others What You Know

Irrevocable VIP ACCESS to DECISION POWER and a MAGIC WAND to make your dreams real beyond your wildest imagination

I expect now you could see how sharing and learning how to teach what you know, is enriching and leads quickly to Success, Wealth, and Transformation in yours and others lives

A lasting transformation by creating a legacy that transcends your lifespan once you are gone…

You Are the Owner of a UNIQUE Treasure Vault. The secret Code to Access It is Yours.

You are the owner of your UNIQUE treasure vault. You have the secret code to access all the precious gems. Treasures, that lie there in a spiritual state. Waiting to awaken and explode into reality

Nurture the sacred place within you with the best wisdom, knowledge, skills. With the things that bring edification, feelings of gratitude, respect for others, family oriented principles, love and respect for the Almighty God

All the things that work together to make the whole and THE UNIQUE you, the GOD creation. The only one with the secret code to his unique personal and sacred place


Whatever you want is there, at your disposal. For you, to use and exploit it, as you please whenever you want

However, do not forget that you have the leashes in your hand to tame all those things that try to push you away from your dreams.

IT IS REALLY your personal treasure vault. You are the only one who has free access. An irrevocable permission with the secret code

You can think of this place, as the spiritual sacred place within you, where all the physical things exist waiting for your command to transform into your own world reality

Do you REMEMBER as God created things from something that was not visible?

To normal people that are craziness, but not for you because you know a lot more than that. You recognize the power of the spiritual force that sustains you aligned with the Almighty God

In your treasure vault, resides the ideal life waiting to turn into reality. The same way as your transformational decisions creates the new you

That transformation will catapult you to access the new levels you have aspired in your inner self

This transformational process nurtures and fulfills you by LEARNING HOW TO TEACH WHAT YOU KNOW and help others to transition from where they are now to where they want to be

Giving them the solutions to their problems and needs in their lives…

Doing good things for others is a mandate for a good Christian life. You can expect prosperity in all aspects of your life by doing to others what you want they do for you

This is a pattern of conduct followed by many of the most successful people around the world

I want to think and share with you that with just a few exceptions all of us do have something to learn, share, know and teach.

Of course, there are different levels of expertise in the knowledge and skills that someone could have but the most important thing to have in mind is that all kind of knowledge be either academic or traditional handicraft skills can be learned and teach to others at a level of expertise and mastery.

As an example remember how we fill with awe when we appreciate the beauty of the handicrafts of many humble people in different places around the world

We appreciate the artisan carpenter whose work is a masterpiece or the homemade food made by the grandma. The best bread in town made by the Europeans bread masters

I know, we could go on with thousands of amazing examples

Everywhere around us, we found hundreds of things to learn share, teach, and become prosperous by helping others on their trip to the next level they aspire in their heart

 “You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.” Zig Ziglar.

In spite all said above, let us talk also on the silent experts, which has a high-level education got at the best universities in the world, besides the expertise gathered by working for worldwide known companies

Experts dominate the innovative technologies in use by the manufacturing and service industry where they work. These experts are ready to exploit the trend fueled by the aging workforce crisis

Aging of the workforce in the industry around the world is a problem addressed and reported by many experts and governmental organization studying these matters

The impact of an aging workforce raises the biggest issues facing employers today. Middle age and older workers will become increasingly prevalent in the workplace.

 A self-evident core competency for all HR professionals is having an awareness and understanding of demographic changes and how demographic issues such as the aging of the workforce dictates the development and implementation of effective HR policies and practices. 
TJ Calo – Public Personnel Management, 2008 –

 The experts and specialized organizations started talking as early as the year 1980 and forecast that the world will be experiencing the effects of this huge skill gap for the next 30 to 50 years

People Talk About This Workforce-aging Crisis, As The Gray Tsunami

People talk about this workforce-aging crisis, as the gray tsunami, originated by aging of the baby boomers born in the mid-forties and early sixties who are close or not far away from their retirement age

Baby boomers are the demographic group born during the post–World War II baby boom, approximately between the years 1946 and 1964. This includes people who are between 53 and 71 years old in 2017, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.[1]

Worldwide the industry is conscious of the problem and its implications but the solution does not arrive with the speed needed

Solutions to the sort of problem affecting the industry pass by multiple considerations, which are not yet clear for the experts studying the matter

However, no matter how far is the solution to the workforce aging crisis. It is smart to jump ahead and create a structure that activates a transformational process in all the participants

The main steps ahead are to learn how to teach what you know besides all the know-how required to transfer the knowledge in the more professional and effective way

One way to participate is preparing apprentice or pro toolbox to teach what you know and share your expertise.

By being part of the educational process, you share and teach what you know

Helping to transfer the know-how and experience to the unskilled or inexperienced in your company

Alternatively, to any client in need of your expertise

You have to find out or ask for help on the tools in the market for course creators

Besides, learning the marketing expertise needed to carry the message to your target audience

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