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how to sell and get the click

How To SELL And Get The Click.

How to sell and get the click may seem an easy job. Since everybody likes shopping. However, in spite it's true everybody enjoys shopping. No one likes to be sold. There seems to be two main reasons for that behaviour of the shopping fans.

Firstly, shoppers do not trust the salesman and think that He or She do not have their best interest in mind. But just the commissions they will receive for the sales. Secondly, most salespeople look at prospects, would-be customers like preys. Nothing else.

Discover how to help your audience without scaring them or seeing you as a nuisance.


Forget The Old Snake Oil Salesman Method...

In spite, that this old pressing style model of sales approach is being changing, there’re still quite a big number of followers of this model. And, why not say it, some people are successful following it.

But, modern understanding of human behaviour psychology indicates that this model is not suggested as a good way of how to sell and get the click. 

The critiques to this all sales style is not new. And you know all the jokes related to the stereotyped used-car salesman, with his flashy dressing style accompanied by a big cigar, big golden ring, gold chains and sunglasses. Who is not familiar with this guy.

And what happen when you see somebody in a store that mildly reminds you that image. You immediately run for the hills...The faster the better.

The Millions Bucks Question. Is There A Solution?.

But now, the million bucks question? Is there a solution that really makes your customer, clients, prospects comfortable in the neighborhood of a salesperson? The answer is yes. There're more acceptable ways for your customers of how to sell and get the click.

And before, we continue bringing some more ideas into the conversation. We want to mention the Strategy of Preeminence, developed by one of the best worldwide recognized marketer: Mr. Jay Abraham. This philosophy is client-centric.

Your main purpose is to have the interest of your client in mind and have a fiduciary responsibility for them.

Jay's Abraham-Strategy Of Preeminence...Your Gateway To Audience  Empowerment, Engagement And Satisfaction.

When you decide at your heart to own this philosophy and make it yours. Then, you become the best exponent of the treatment that a prospect, customer, client will receive when He visit your business.

You know exactly how to connect and engage with your customers in such a way that the conversation is fluid and help your client know your products and services and how they benefit them.

Your clients will perceive you as a friendly and charismatic person helping them to get the best knowledge about your products and services as well as their main benefits.

In fact, this is a more powerful subtle approach, than the old sale practices. It will generate more interest—and potentially more sales.

Stories Has Become A Powerful and Effective Vehicle To Convey All Kind of Ideas...

Using your own or other’s stories is an excellent vehicle to impact your audience with examples or experiences that let them accept in an easier way the benefits of your products and services.

They see better through the pictures and images that your story expose in front of their eyes.

Indeed it’s a convenient way to entice readers to take action by stories that help your audience picture themselves taking actions that move forward into transformation processes that will bring them benefits that otherwise they don’t see.

In a nutshell, your stories can be about many things. You have to establish the connection and transition from your story into the development you want to expose your audience.

Bring To Your Memory All Your Life Experiences And Convert Them Into An Unstoppable Engagement Story Machine. 

Whatever, you have done in the past that somehow was the foundation for a learning experience for things you should do or avoid. Is a big candidate to be the case for a story.

Think for a moment...and you will have plenty of experiences. Starting at your childhood until present times. Honing and sharpening your stories tools, is the basis for being a sherpa guide coaching and helping people in your business.

What Else Can You Do To Sell And Get The Job Done.

All it takes is to help people. Know your audience at a deeper level. Give solutions and answers to their true problems. Your audience needs to know the benefits at a deeper level.

It’s not enough the simple comparison of features versus benefits your audience needs much more than that if you want to earn their trust and loyalty.

A strong commitment to serve your audience is vital to create the relationship that can bring the best benefits for both your audience and you as the business owner. Your expertise should be available to your audience. So they consider you as the source to go for any help or hand-holding they could need.

Close With A Gentle Call To Action To Explore In Detail Your Offer.

In addition to any assistance to help your audience the next important activity is to exposed them to the call to actions (CTA) which are specific calls made to your audience in order to exposed them to your offers.

The sales and optin pages are the most common places for the CTA’s..
In summary you should know when to play a subtle offer, and when to offer more of a hand holding approach.

how to sell and get the click

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