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The Unknown - Stalking Fears
Even if you feel like stalked by frightening fears... 

How To Fight The Angst And Succeed No Matter Their Size.

Remember that in spite the size of your fears you must act.
How To Fight The Angst- Stalking Fears

How To fight the Angst? Crippling feelings that paralyze you at the minimum sign of an unforeseen event.  Could You imagine?  Imagination rules the world.

So can you imagine...

Fighting against invisible or imaginary demons. Which are speared by life circumstances. Spiking the  feeling of angst, in your chest, that freezes and prevent deciding on the most beneficial actions, to improve your personal life.

But, the  reality is that you've learned a lot of things in your life, that will not always, work for your best benefit. And the worse thing, is that they operate from your hidden unconscious  triggering self destructive behaviors.


In addition, your unconscious reactions are erratic. Therefore, when you face certain type of situation in your life. You may feel like the only human on planet earth terrified by your self limiting beliefs and lack of confidence.  

So, you have to learn how to fight the angst by changing your mindset and executing your planning for personal success.

Additionally, To Fight The Angst Effectively You Have To Acquire Habits That Inspire  The Creation Of Personal Success Traits.   

And let me share  that this kind of reaction occurs, quite often. 

Because, facing the unknown and pushing you beyond your comfort zone, is
not that easy. You need a  positive attitude and the creation of strong success mindset. Something, that helps overcoming the paralizing effects of your angst and fears.

The solution can be found looking for specialized assistance. This conversation does not pretend to substitute the requirements of looking for help with specialists in the area of human behavior.

But at the same time, you're the master of your destiny and you're in charge of taking the ship to safe harbor.

It's Your Responsibility To Create The Changes...And Fight The Angst And Fear...

So it's your responsibility to create the changes...
Nobody is going to fight the angst and your fears but you.

You've to ignite in you, the transformation process required to move from where you're now to where you want to be.   or at least handle the challenging events in a professional way.

Somehow, you could say it's normal to have some aprehension, about
navigating uncharted waters. 

But, what you have to consider as your true challenge, is to overcome the
paralizing forces that your state of mind triggers under those fighting or
fleeing scenarios.

"The Optimist Proclaims That We Live In The Best Of All Possible Worlds; And The Pessimist Fears This Is Not True"

Let me share some personal experiences, to illustrate what I mean.

Many years ago I traveled to USA to attend a Machinery Lubrication Seminar
at the Texas A & M university. The Agies loving birth place.

It was my first trip to USA, arriving through the Houston Texas
International Airport.

At that time, one of the most modern USA Airports.

Premium organization, modern installations and facilities to speed up the
transport and interconnection of the passenger between the different airport
modules and concourses

One of this facilities, was the underground trains.

Something I'd never used before, neither had the faintest idea if they will
take me to the airport module and concourse I wanted to go.

As you imagine, it was frightening

A real nightmare, for the first visit of a foreigner with only a basic domain
of the English language. 

And when I stayed there, bewildered and trying to decide which direction to
board the trains.

"Many Things Are Lost For Want Of Asking"

A lovely old american couple approached me asking for help on how to go to
the same place where I want to go. 

I answered in my broken English that I didn't know. And laugfing, told them
that I was in the same situation trying to go to the same place.

The old couple departured, and with a nice smile whished me good luck. And
for you both too, I said to them.

Finally, after reading many times the direction info and arrows I boarded
the trains and got to my destination on the airport...

Even after more than 40 years I remember the satisfaction of arriving on
time at the ticket counter to take the next plane. Well, sorry, that was
what I believed.

The reality, was a little bit different. After flying with the famous DC10
aircraft, there I was about to board a flying locust to my destination in
College Station Tx.

Learn How To Deal With Uncertainty And Then Dealing With Unexpected Events Will Be Easier.

It was just a tiny local 4 seats Cessna aircraft going to College Station,
Texas. But the best still was going to happen...

There they were  coming, the lovely old couple arriving and they smiled at
me because I had found my way and they too.

For me and the old couple was a happy end...

The happy end that you achieve when you push forward no matter the size of
the fears in your heart and stretch the limits of the comfort zone till you
get to finish line with tears of satisfaction and proud in your heart.

Sheers to the brave you in your heart and guts. If you want more of this go
here and do what you have to do to achieve the freedom and lifestyle you

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