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Know Your Why

Do You Know Your Why?

Do You Know Your WHY? The self-help literature has given a high importance of the whys in your success strategies. One of the most successful books  "How To Become Rich" by Napoleon Hill, reveals one important secret that states clearly that "the existence of a big dream is the genesis of any big success and achievement

But, also it’s important to notice that all persons that have big dreams have an inner driving force that converts them into an unstoppable laser focused missiles pursuing their dreams no matter what it takes.

Inevitably, there are some questions that pop into the mind of persons that want to discover and understand what moves those amazing persons into a great success.What self-motivates them every day? I guess you're interested in knowing more...


To Know Your Why Is Important 

The answer is quite simple in most cases. They have benefited from  having a powerful why’s driving them toward their objectives.

Having powerful why’s in our lives allows You to unleash inner forces that moves mountains...It makes our big dreams come true as they morph from the invisible stage to the physical world of reality.
However, in this world of atrophied right brain humans It’s understandable that a majority of persons refuse to follow that kind of teachings. 

But this understandable attitude is not new. If you read some scripture passages you will find a lot of references to events that challenged the comprehension of the community of those ancient times. 

Since Ancient Times The Power of Words And Beliefs Have Been A Driving Force To Achieve Amazing Things In Our Lives

And in addition, the implications of the phenomenus described in the stories indicated profound knowledge beyond the common persons.
Powerful amazing concepts and stories that challenge rational ways of nowadays thinking.

Think for second and look at the following events: Calming The rough seas. Stopping river’s flow. 

And so many other miracles, like inverting earth rotation and reversing sun’s shadow at a specific time of the day. Changing the color of the sheeps.

These are just a few that I can remember from the top of my head...Wow.

I can almost hear you saying: but this biblical historical events that occur at ancient times need proof. 

In this sense, I might say that in my humble opinion the events documented met the test of time. 

The stories described in the scriptures as miracles indicate power over universe laws.

It's not easy but the power of beliefs at that time was the base to express that all what you see was done from what didn't exist.

Truly powerful principles.

Invisible Universe Laws In Invisible World Waited Until The Uniqueness Of An Special Person Revealed The Code

All these events and miracle’s stories take us to the following puzzling question!

Where we lost some of the most powerful blessings given to us by the God Almighty?

All the universe laws, have existed there in the invisible world until the uniqueness of a particular person break the code and set new boundaries.

Let me explain...

What was unknown then soon become chartered waters.

No surprise, that only an outstanding few percentage of the human population has contributed significantly to establish new boundaries.

In all walks of life or create wealth and legacy in the real physical world beyond the most crazy imagination.

Do You Know What Beliefs Support Your Why?

Take your time and ask yourself in your quiet moments what Beliefs Support Your Big Dream Why’s?  Discover How It Could Benefit You!

As You could have noticed I’m a Christian believer and that only condition could in your eyes disqualify me to talk about this ideas and support them as something that can have a significant impact in the way you pursue your big dream…

Nonetheless, I promise you that there is no other interest that sharing something valuable, in my opinion that can help you if you have the right attitude. 

So make use to your advantage of ways of doing things that have been proven to work in the life of many persons around the world.

The Book Think and Grow Rich is full of testimonies that support what I am sharing with you.

Just the author’s own personal story is awesome. It’s about his deft borned child and his entire devotion to not give up until he got the solution and had his son living a normal life.

But not only that his whole life was a real example of dedication, serving others and contribution in many walks of life…

If you have not read the book Think and Grow Rich then put some time aside and read it.

If you've already read it. Then, read it again if you’re still doubtful about what you need to make your Big Dream come true.

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