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Eagle Tweet Bird Call

Make Your Tweet Messages Sound Like The Eagle “Bird Call”

“Not Like Sad Baby Turkeys”

The Power Of Conciseness Behind Your Tweets...

Concise writing powerful messages. Maybe if you don't know it. Most persons, Out of pity or fear of hurting you. Never, will tell that your tweets sound like a little sad turkey. And I Bet Dollars to pennies. That it is not what you want.

If, the previous lines picture in your mind how your tweets sound to your audience. Then, you can stop it right now or in the next few hours. It depends on how much it hurts you.

But smile. There's a remedy for that disease. If you accept in your heart the power of concise writing.


By the way, this disease is quite common in the environment where you participate in your marketing activities. Unfortunately, the disease has many ways to morph into a different mutated virus. Passing undetected even for the most experts in the subject.

HINT: Sometimes, the power of the disease to mutate disguises under a sweet message. In a passive voice expression. Just another lack-luster message hitting the road without helping your audience to achieve the transformation they desperately need in their lives.

Unleash The Power Of Concise Writing

In the hint you read, you notice that if you want your tweets to sound like  powerful messages. They must be strong and motivating. And you should start unleashing the power of concise writing

The tweets from the eagles make the rabbit and the fish move. And somehow you want the same positive effect of your tweets on the persons that read your tweets. In other words... it's writing with purpose.

Unfortunately, most of the emphasis on improving your tweeting skills lay on the tools to have more people subscribing to your email list. Although, it's not a wrong objective, however you missed something important. 

You fail paying attention to the basic principles of the power of words.

Often, you’re more attracted to read about the strategies to have hundred of thousand followers.

But you forgot to dominate the ropes about communicating powerfully with the minimum use of words. It’s an art that you can master.

Concise Writing: Sorry There's Not Sugar Coating.

The art of articulating powerful action-moving messages to cause profound transformation in your audience. If you’re asking yourself how difficult it’s to communicate effectively with the minimum amount of word...

There’s not sugar coating for this. Sorry.

Creating those 40-words messages full of power and wisdom is not an easy task. But it’s not impossible. Many drafts will go to the wastebasket before you feel satisfy with your masterpiece creation.

That’s a reality. Many books drafts and ideas ended into the wastebasket before they got to Amazon.

So, having that in mind...

The Power Of Concise Writing...

Are you ready to start creating short messages using the power of concise writing. So that they sound like the eagle “bird calls”. Or you want to keep tweeting like a “sad baby” turkey.

If your answer is yes, and I hope you want to sound like an eagle tweet.

Then, Stay tuned and connected because, in my next post you will receive the key to discover the power of a 40-word action-moving message.

HINT: It's not what you think.

If you're still reading up to here it's because you've found something that resonates with you and makes you feel  that there are solutions that will let you master the art of concise writing. Dominating this art, can be the genesis of the transformation toward  reaching your personal freedom...

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