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Eagle Tweet Bird Call

Concise Writing: Make Your Tweets Sounds Like An Eagle “Bird Call”.

Make Your Tweet Messages Sound Like The Eagle “Bird Call” “Not Like Sad Baby Turkeys”The Power Of Conciseness Behind Your Tweets…Concise writing powerful messages. Maybe if you don’t know it. Most persons, Out of pity or fear of hurting you. Never, will tell that your tweets sound like a little sad turkey. And I Bet […]

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multiple passive income streams

Multiple Passive Income Streams A 24/7 Unstoppable Business Model

Multiple Passive Income Streams Your 24/7 Money MachineMultiple Passive Income Stream, the magnetism of a 24/7 business model. It seems nowadays that everyone is trying to stretch each dollar further than they ever have before.  Tough economic times and an unstable economy have made many people anxious and looking to find a way to supplement […]

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lifelong Learning

What’s In The New Danny Iny’s Book For You?

What’s In The New Danny Iny’s Book For You?Is a lifelong learning engaging attitude important?. It has been the pillar supported on “Wisdom, Knowledge & Science”. The trilogy that has been the secret weapon of most successful persons since the ancient times…So it’s a moment to pay attention because what you’ll read here may be […]

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how to sell and get the click

How To Sell And Get The Click Without Asking For It.

How To SELL And Get The Click.How to sell and get the click may seem an easy job. Since everybody likes shopping. However, in spite it’s true everybody enjoys shopping. No one likes to be sold. There seems to be two main reasons for that behaviour of the shopping fans. Firstly, shoppers do not trust […]

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scare me to death

The Witch That Scared Me To Death…

The Witch That Scared Me To Death…And I Pissed My Pants…The Witch that Scared Me To Death…This is one of my secret stories… One thatI have shared in very few occassions.Because, yet I feel embarrased to share it.When I was around 7-8  years old boy, myfamily was going through difficult times.At home, We were 5, […]

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