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scare me to death

The Witch That Scared Me To Death…

The Witch That Scared Me To Death…And I Pissed My Pants…The Witch that Scared Me To Death…This is one of my secret stories… One thatI have shared in very few occassions.Because, yet I feel embarrased to share it.When I was around 7-8  years old boy, myfamily was going through difficult times.At home, We were 5, […]

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Working Online Without The Proper Tools And Coaching

Climbing Mount Everest Without Proper Tools and Sherpa’s Help?

Successful Entrepreneurs Know Their Way To The Top. Do You?Are You Working Online Without The Proper Tools And Coaching? Well, you’ll be amazed to know… how many Internet business beginners start climbing to their Everest mount top without the proper preparation, tools and the hand holding and support of veteran Sherpas. By the way, Sherpas […]

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successful entrepreneur mindset secrets

Successful Entrepreneur Mindset Secrets…

Successful Entrepreneurs Mindset Secrets…The number of successful entrepreneur mindset secrets are not huge but a few. It can be said that it’s not a matter of quantity but the quality of the few things that they know and execute religiously, day in day out, in their businesses. The uber-successful are real fanatics of following their […]

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audience pain points

Are You Familiar With The Affliction Areas Of Your Audience?

Are You Familiar With The Affliction Areas Of Your Audience?If you’ve been interested in the affliction areas of your audience, chances are you’ve created a simple client avatar.You know their business, age, income and educationlevels. You know where they live and how many kidshave. And in addition you also know what their biggest dreams are.But […]

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internet business failure statistics

How To Avoid Being Part Of The Next Internet Business Failure Statistics

Internet Business Failure Statistics Avoid Being Part Of The Next Batch.In accordance with several internet business failure statistics sources, just a pale 10 % of all Internet business startups succeed. And the rest bite the dust in the first 120 days. Simply, 90 % of them went belly up.Nonetheless, in spite this sad catastrophic statistics […]

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Asking The Right Questions

Are You Asking The Right Questions

Are You Asking The Right Questions?Asking the right questions, is since the ancient times a smart way of getting to the root cause of issue. Usually, if the methodology is correctly applied it helps to determine the magnitude and effects of a problem. Usually, complex problems deserved a clear understanding of the interrelationship between stories, hypothesis, […]

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The Unknown - Stalking Fears

How To Fight The Unknown. Does It Matters?

Even if you feel like stalked by frightening fears… How To Fight The Angst And Succeed No Matter Their Size.Remember that in spite the size of your fears you must act. How To fight the Angst? Crippling feelings that paralyze you at the minimum sign of an unforeseen event.  Could You imagine?  Imagination rules the world.So […]

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Upgrade Success

Is There Some Room In Your Cup Of Tea?

Is There Some Room In Your Cup Of Tea? Do you have some room in your cup of tea for a little bit more? Surely, you have heard about this story. Maybe with different words but in essence the same line and the same purpose. The little story, goes about a guy who goes to a famous […]

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Thinking Positively

Are You Feeling Any Of This Subtle Signs Of Fear of Failure?

Are You Feeling Any Of These Subtle Signs of Fear In Your Business? Fear of failure ? Let’s face it, unless you were born into a business oriented family, there’s a good chance that this whole “be your own boss” thing is a bit outside of your comfort zone.Even if you LOVE the idea of […]

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Success Steps- Avoid Self-destructive Beliefs

Discover How To Get Rid Of Self Destructive Beliefs

Limiting Self-Destructive Beliefs | How To Get Rid Of Their Harmful Effects On Your Personal Live and Business All personal breakthroughs being with a change in beliefs. So how do we change? The most effective way is to get your brain to associate massive pain to the old belief. You must feel deep in your […]

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