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Asking The Right Questions

Are You Asking The Right Questions?

Asking the right questions, is since the ancient times a smart way of getting to the root cause of issue.

Usually, if the methodology is correctly applied it helps to determine the magnitude and effects of a problem.
Usually, complex problems deserved a clear understanding of the interrelationship between stories, hypothesis, facts, events that are part of them.

But, before I go into deeper waters, let me explain what I mean. And for that purpose I will share some personal experiences.
Here, they go. A short story, that happened many years ago, while I was working for a prestigious oil company. This company, was well ranked among the worldwide oil industry.


Big Corporations Do Maintain A Close Follow Up Of The Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Activating The Controls Systems That Trigger The Corrective Actions 

Therefore, there was a genuine interest by the company to watch carefully what the industry pacesetters were doing.

And consequently triggering, by asking the right questions,  the remedial actions to eliminate any serious competitive advantage.
Therefore, it was quite common, to attend and participate regularly in world conferences, technical seminars. In addition  to visit other OPCO (Operational Companies) to learn what they were doing.

This type of activities were normal practice.  And, the results of the efforts were good. As the staff remained motivated and very aware of what was happening in the oil business.

However, in many occasions, we were surprised by the excellent results of companies In spite they had less technology, financial resources.

Those companies were capable of obtaining results, much better and beyond ours.

Missing Pieces Of The Puzzle Is Quite Common, If You Don't Gather The Right Information.

Then, as bewildered as you could imagine, in front of those cases. Since, the truth was, there were missing pieces in the puzzle.

More than you could see with the naked eye.

And my friends, pay attention because the answer was simple. No one was asking the right questions at the time of the plant visits. 

But wait, because, the importance of asking the right questions become evident, if you want to ferret out the truth behind any performance improvement.

You have to ask the right questions if you want to get the right answer, as our admired author and businessman Tony Robbins say in his books and videos.

A Powerful Set Of The Right Question To Ask Is The Secret Weapon Of Successful Business Persons With The Right Success Mindset.

The question to ask was: How did those who succeed and we want to use as success models got to that pinnacle zone.?

In summary, it was observed that only a few asked the right question: How long did it take you to reach that pinnacle?

How persistent were your efforts in pursuing your objective and the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)?

By the way, in our online business world. You can call them, whatever you want, but they exist and at the end they have the same value as the right indicators to evaluate the performance of your web business.

That's where the success lies: In the biz roadmap, the business plan, the strategies and the monitoring of the progressive improvement that we do every day in our lives.

Making right and timely decisions, in order not to climb the wrong wall.

But as important as it may be to know who you model as a successful business figure.

It is also even more important for you as an online marketing beginner or braveheart business entrepreneurs. These are the...

Success Lies On The Biz Roadmaps, Plans, Strategies, And Hawk Follow Up Of The Daily Progressive Improvement.

Entrepreneurs who have not given up or either renouncing to their dreams. Persisting to know what are the traits and mindsets of successful people they want to model.

Probably now is the right time to understand that famous headline: "Why do some people almost always make money and succeed as entrepreneurs online".

Successful entrepreneurs seem to achieve their goal and objectives. And they make it look easy. They know when to ask the right questions, for mentoring and guidance. In areas such as marketing, copywriting, creation of financial freedom, creating wealth and building a legacy that transcend

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