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Dear Friend

I feel honored with your visit because you give me the opportunity to serve you and share solutions to problems or needs that causes worries to you. Causing you pain, frustration and forcing you to put away dreams of enjoying a happy and fulfilled life with your loved ones.

Even worse, losing the opportunity to help others reach the freedom, success, and lifestyle that you have always dreamed.

So, If there are others reason, that is also ok…I am here to help you. I want you to know that…

You are the center of my business. I have made a commitment to over deliver and do the utmost to give you WOW solutions to your problems or needs. And for that purpose.

Creating and giving WOW solutions to You is the driving force that motivates me every day…I am here to do my best to amaze, delight and WOW you with unique and creative solutions.

I adopted as a theme, once considered trivial. The WOW word reserved for things of little importance.  A word able to code in its meaning all the great feelings, satisfaction, awesomeness, amazement.

It's the moment where words are too limited to express ALL what you experience in your heart and soul…

My most sincere thanks to you. You’ve have given me one of your most precious things in life…YOUR TIME and ATTENTION.

And best of all, allowing me to be part of the transformation process you’ve initiated in your life now…

Receive my warmest welcome to this transformational journey to the next level…for a happy and fulfilled life.

Let me tell you are in the right place, a place where

Now a little bit about me and resources available to help you in your journey to the next level…

In a nutshell…

I’m an affiliate of top class internet marketing companies like Elite Marketing Pro. A cutting edge company,.

A powerhouse of unique services and products that produce unparalleled results in the attraction marketing online businesses arena.

In addition, I also work with a selected list of super affiliates marketers like Charlie Page, Paul Counts, Patric Chan,  and others.

So rest assured that you can benefit of all what is in their treasure vault. You're invited to join.

Founder and CEO of https://carmelohumphreyplus.com , wowinfoproducts.com and leadgenglue.com the last two under development.

Wow Solution Resources

I feel grateful and an honored to access to all the knowledge accumulated and guarded in the treasure vault of EMP. In addition, I also have joined and learn from a group of selected internet marketers and influencers in the online business arena.

Especial attention was given to the lineup of 6 and 7 figure top earners in addition to the availability of proven products, tutorials, webinars, and top class mentorship and mastermind programs.

Additionally, I am a member of AWAI.  Another lighthouse of knowledge. I'm also writer for EzineArticles.com…

Following the advice of Stephen Covey, I keep honing the ax by continuously taking courses and learning every day of my life…

A short glimpse of me: Center principle oriented, Married, father of 6 nice daughters, Christian, passionate about lifelong learning, sharing, reading, traveling, music, good conversations, marketing and everything that makes grow my spiritual and intellectual life

Most of my life I’ve been a tech consultant for the Oil Refinery Industry and Offshore installations. Besides, a lot of life remembrances that enriched my life and are part of a lot of stories I will share with you in the near future.

My life has been full of experiences for which I feel grateful to the Lord. Raised in poverty but with a good attitude toward life and respect for other persons.

Since I was a boy I was attracted to doing things: At 5-6 years old I tried to milk my father’s cows, but the cow kicked the bucket…and spilled the milk. My first bad experience by not knowing about COWS MILKING ATTRACTION…

As a stock trader, I had my bad, good and excellent experiences in the stock market…Nice experiences as a cattleman…Poor experiences as peanut and black beans farmer…

I learned a lot from the people I worked with… Either professionals or blue collars.  Born in Venezuela, presently living in Quito, Ecuador.  

I have lived in Japan, Holland, USA, Argentina, Ecuador. In addition visiting Aruba, Curacao, Italy, UK, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria...

Well, that’s a short summary of the person who is Carmelo… Grateful and Honored in serving others…

Heart and Hands at service.

Carmelo Humphrey

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